There is no doubt that the future will present new challenges and opportunities. But when discussing the future of work, however, these challenges and opportunities become more pressing and personal. It becomes less a question about the future of work and more about the future of my work. Will I be sitting or standing? Will my workweek be five days or less (or more)? Will I even have a job?

This article tackles some of these questions and is designed to inspire for your own future of work thinking. In addition to new research, it also integrates previously published work on the future of inclusivity because, quite frankly, we believe inclusivity and equality are major topics influencing future work and workspaces. Clearly the future of work will be full of contradictions and biases. In order to make sense of it, we adopted a systematic and holistic approach.

So, wearing both our trend and inclusivity glasses, we attempt to unravel how the next generation views wo


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