How do we ensure a creative future for the happiest country in the world?


We have a crisis.

Find a piece of blank paper.

And a pen.

Draw me something. Go on – anything you like.

What is the matter? Are you stuck? You cannot think of anything?

But that is nonsense – the options are endless!


If you are one of the few who did not have had a problem putting pen to paper, that is wonderful, and I urge you to keep up the good work. But you are rare. For those of you who still have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, you are in the majority.

The problem facing those who struggle is not a lack of ideas: It is a lack of confidence. We are in the midst of a global confidence crisis when it comes to creativity. There is a fear of getting started – a fear of doing it wrong. And sadly, the fear is present amongst both adults and children.

Our ability to expand upon ideas and turn them into something new is decreasi


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