A new trend book has been born – again. In august 2021 the new edition of ‘pej kids’ was published – and in this article you get a sneak peek of the content created for commercial brands who cater to families and children.

Af Pernille Kirstine Møller

Baby boom coming up

During Covid-19 there has been an increase in pregnancies and births in Scandinavia. It is not a huge baby boom, but a significant increase from previous years – and a significant increase from what we witnessed during the financial crisis from 2008-2012.

Notably, Scandinavia has seen more babies during Covid-19 than in the rest of Europe – indicating that the policies, support systems and the general welfare system have had a positive impact on the choices related to procreation.

This clearly indicates that Scandinavian parents have been and still are interested in creating or expanding families and that this is where their main focus will be the next couple of


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