Novelist John le Carré once said “a desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” This quote could easily have been the subtitle for my company ‘Out Of Office’ – a network-based consultancy for foresight + design + strategy. We help companies and organisations to be better prepared for the future. We believe it is important that people and com¬panies can imagine alternative solutions. Especially now. In order to see new opportunities, one should have the capacity to be open for other possibilities and to do things different. We do this by embracing the necessity of serendipity.

By Kirsten van Dam, Director and founder of Out Of Office

When starting my company over 10 years ago, being Out of Office was a work philosophy more than anything else. Being Out of Office helped us to be in the know, connect with creatives and original thinkers, and run into serendipity that made us wonder and see the world in different colours. Being Out o


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