An interest in self-improvement has driven health and wellness to become retail’s fastest growing sector. How are retailers harnessing this shopper group?

Trendrapport WGSN

The fastest growing retail categories are related to health and wellness, according to market research firm NPD Group. Particularly Millennials are driving the shift towards active and tech-focused lifestyles, as well as the rise in experiential retail. According to a study by JWT Intelligence, 50 percent of US and 47 percent of UK Millennials claimed they were more likely to visit a store that offered athletic facilities. As a consequence, retailers are competing by increasing floorspace for wellness and activewear offerings, building communities via in-store juice bars, organic cafes and fitness classes.

Rather than looking to wellness in order to solve ailments, many are embracing it as an important part of their personal identity and social media is amplifying the desire to a


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