The looming crisis of physiology and what it might mean for you and your company. Are we as a global society going to have to declare personal energy bankruptcy as we slowly burn out in the 21st century work environment?

Af Nina Leavins

We are finally emerging from the long and painful financial crisis. You may be breathing a sigh of relief and patting yourself on the back for having survived and brought your business through the crisis. The last thing you want to hear about now is a new crisis, but as an Executive Health Strategist I must forewarn you of what I see as the next big crisis: ‘The Crisis Of Physiology’. From my unique vantage point we are witnessing the emergence of an energy bankrupt population on a global scale. This will have major implications for us as a society and for companies that depend on human capital.

Energy producing factory
Physiology in layman terms is the biological study of how the body works, its functions


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