Instead of ‘techsplaining’ the future, we need radical humanism. As we adjust to living digital cheek by digital jowl in our hyper-connected world, we are rapidly approaching a technological shift that will be even bigger than the Internet  –  the union of man and machine. Some would say that day has already come, as we go about our business tethered to Google Now and Snapchat.

By Tim Leberecht

The coming wave of super-intelligent computers will accelerate and deepen our connection to technology like never before. In the near future, computers will possess increasingly sophisticated types of machine intelligence and ‘deep learning’ algorithms. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will challenge us to rethink what it means to be human.

The hybrids
You could argue that we humans are technology ourselves, and that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is simply the next stage of our evolution. In fact, have we not always been hybrids, s


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