There is an old saying: ’Variety is the spice of life’. This logic teaches us that ‘more is better’. But as far as the choice-rich and time-poor consumer of the 21st century is concerned, less is now becoming more.

By Peter Firth

We have never been subject to such a dizzying array of choices. Across every facet of our fast-paced and hyper-connected lives, we are confronted with more options than before. In the 21st century, there is a greater list of big decisions to get through – which career is right for you, which school do you send the children to, or which country do you choose to live in.

There is also a proliferation of smaller ones – choosing a laundry detergent, a smartphone provider or whether you buy your morning coffee from Starbucks or the local barista. In the face of this, people are falling victim to choice fatigue, where the chore and stress of making a decision outweighs the supposed freedom attached to it. A


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