Retail has never been so exciting, or moved so fast. The pace of change seems to accelerate every year and the world’s best shopping cities are a constant churn of glamorous flagship stores, new brand concepts and creative pop ups.

By Matthew Brown

The global recession and the relentless march of online have hit traditional bricks and mortar retail hard. The worst and weakest have gone, but the survivors are starting to rethink what we actually want from our shopping streets. In a world where you can get anything and everything online, our High Streets can no longer survive as a random collection of useful stores.

Instead they must embrace the ‘me centric’ cus-tomer revolution, combining products, services and experiences that connect with customers in ways that suit them, not just the retailer. This may sound like rhetoric, but the days of simply putting products on shelves and expecting them to sell has gone forever.

Nixon Flagship, Paris, F


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